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Friday, July 20, 2018


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Amos 3:3 says: _"How can two walk together if they are not in agreement."_ Apply this to marriage: "How can husband and wife live peaceably if they are not in agreement?"

We live in an information age where we learn new behaviours, how to do things and sometimes even how to run our homes (marriages). Some of us might have been single for a long time and have acquired independence and making decisions on our own. Some marry young and are still attached to their moms' apron strings that they still discuss their ideas with their moms who will then approve, disapprove or influence otherwise. Now this way of thinking and making decisions does not work in marriage.

The word of God tells us we ought to leave (our parents) and cleave (become one flesh) to our spouses. Becoming one flesh does not only refer to being one sexually as a married couple but refers to us as individuals coming together as whole beings spiritually, mentally and emotionally into one.

Decision Making

God set the husband as the head of his wife and his family (Ephesians 5:23). Being the head means being the decision-maker. However just like in a company, the CEO is the one who makes the last decision but his decisions will be influenced by those he leads by them making him see the picture of what they are suggesting. Let me make a simple example we take for granted. Decorating the house: It would bring more harmony if I as a wife suggest or enquire on my husband’s thoughts on the type or colour of curtains I would like us to buy.

We all know men do not talk much but if we would involve them in most decisions we would know how they feel. We might take things for granted saying: "Hai what does he know about curtains?!" and keep buying what only appeals to us and this way of decision-making will spread into every other thing in the home. The husband might just keep quiet and keep saving these behaviours to himself. This in turn will affect communication between the two of you and also creep in the intimacy connection. For some he might start being rude and throwing words rudely.

The more liberty born from ignorance of the head (husband)'s input will lead to liberty even in when is he going to have your body. Because you are not discussing some things your husband then creates a wall and might even be affected to wanting you sexually. You wonder why and how. Because you have demoted your husband from the head of the home to the child under you. This is where terms like "big baby" comes from. You are the one who made him a baby by not involving and discussing with him your plans, shopping (saying you are not spending his money but yours), changing of jobs or changing from housewife to a business woman, hiring a helper which means now his private space is affected without him ever being asked or agreeing to it, just to mention a few.

You might be feeling sexy in how you dress but does he feel OK about it? Do you ask him what he thinks of your tight-fitting dress or cleavage out when you go out or to work? Do you plan your weekends alone by making plans with your girls or mom before considering him and asking him what you can do together? Then we wonder when our husbands start living on an island inside our own homes. He ends up preferring to read, be on the computer or watch sports if he is not an extrovert or for the extrovert to always be out until late.

Application: Dear Women of God, this scripture gives us a basis of how to live in harmony. Be in agreement as a couple. You have been called to be his helper. Help him to see things your way but not force it. If he says no to your suggestion let it be no and not go tell your mother or friend who will say your husband knows nothing. Start everything in prayer. Invite the Holy Spirit to be part of your planning meeting and ask Him to help you accept the response.

Prayer should actually be the first and most important foundation of your marriage. personally use this time to address some issues or suggest somethings in this time. So we pray first, share the word and before we pray in closing bring suggestions or issues to each other and God.

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Remember, marriage is partnership but the husband is the head in this partnership.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

A Compliment Can Save A Life Or Change A Mind

We were created to appreciate compliments (no I'm not saying that's the reason God created us for. Please read further). As you know we were created in God's image (Genesis 1:27) and since God loves to be praised there is that inner desire in us to be praised. No, I don't mean praised as in being idolized and worshiped but actually being complemented in how we look or what we've done. Even babies enjoy compliments. Think about a baby learning to clap his hands, stand up, walk or any new skill they learn or achieve. They glow, get excited and smile at just hearing you say...."sisisi....good boy". I personally saw this with our son and till this day at the age of three he wants to be complimented for doing or saying something we taught him correctly.

It all started in the garden of Eden after God created man and gave him authority over everything He said:"It is good" (Genesis 1:27-31 ). Then after He created the woman out of the man's rib, the first words the woman heard was compliments out of the man's mouth (Genesis 2:22-). Every time I think of that first encounter I imagine if Adam was talking in isiZulu he would have said: "Dudlu mtwana. Thambo lam' e lifresh." LOL! (Refer to Genesis 2:22)

Ok bringing it back to the point of writing this, when I say ; "A Compliment Can Save A Life Or Change A Mind", we must learn to compliment each other as well as strangers. Some people come from homes where a compliment does not exist. All they hear is negative words about them. Some wake up alone at home and get to hear a nasty, jealous person (who also needs to be saved) telling them how ugly, fat, unattractive they are or not suited by what they are wearing. Or that kind of person criticize the work of their hands or smashes their dreams and aspirations.

I met a lady who was working as a cleaner at a hospital a year ago. I could not get over how beautiful she looked and how kind (attractive) her whole face was and how beautiful her skin was.  I saw her the couple of days we kept going to the unit she worked in, and as she was talking to us and comforting us (story for another day) the radience in her face moved something in me. I felt a nudge as if God was saying to me: "Tell her she is beautiful." I told her she looked beautiful and has the face and skin for modelling facial products. I even complimented how flawless her make up looked. She was so overjoyed and told her colleague saying: " Do you hear what she just said? Just after so-and-so told me I must change my make up it doesn't suit me!"

To cut the story as I was using it as an illustration, I have learnt that someone could be dying inside because of the negative they keep hearing from others about themselves. Self-talk alone doesn't work as some people are called "confident and self-motivated." We constantly need to hear that we look good, we did well, we are good at this and that in order to thrive.

This is why people turn to social media. No one can say "I hate it when I post my picture and people like it." Then don't post. It is human nature. Personally getting a compliment that "I look beautiful" from my mom means I really look "Hollywood screen gorgeous." LOL! I don't blame her and I'm used to her. But she does compliment what I do, what i am wearing, compliments my husband's personality and character oh but she goes on about our son's looks and intelligence. LOL! I suppose my mom grew up with the belief of "Don't tell your child they are beautiful otherwise they won't sleep at home. LOL! But really with this point I'm trying to show how compliments are rare from home.

How can a compliment change a mind or save a life you ask as per my heading? Someone could be continuously hearing how unattractive, fat, stupid or anything else most of their lives. Some live up to that because they heard it so much they believe it. Try it with someone you know. You know that frumpy-looking, lazy-walking, I-don't-care kind of person. He or she is probably in your office, the bus you ride or lives on your street. Find something nice to say to them and see the change happen to them. It took words from God in the beginning to change what was there. He said to the dark, formless world "Let the be light" (Genesis 1:3). Words change the atmosphere and change people. Words make a plant grow or die. Words, beautiful words make things beautiful.

It took me gaining weight from pregnancy to hear how cruel people can be. As if you don't have a mirror they employ themselves into that position to tell you "Shoo ha usanonanga"(means you've gained so much weight). It was disheartening and irritating but thanks be to God I know who I am and that my soul is far worth than the vessel it is carrying. No not giving in to lazyness and doing nothing. I did loose the weight in a good way. And thanking my husband for always telling me I look beautiful.

Which that brings me to married people. Never cease telling your wife she is beautiful. Your words are the water and food that will keep her blossoming like a beautiful flower. Wives, you too must never cease telling him he looks good, he did well, you appreciate his efforts (yeah men appreciate the efforts of her cooking and cleaning as well). May neither of your spouse hear that from the opposite sex who is not you. May it be by the time they hear it outside, they are already blooming from your words that those other words are just wind.
The same goes with your children. Do not wait for them to be teenagers and looking like young women or men. They won't believe you by then, instead they will believe strangers who always told them when you didn't. Children need their parents to believe in them, support them morally and compliment them. Be their number one cheerleader and fan If that happens to them peer pressure will be a rumour or wind to them.

To close this "was-not-supposed-to-be-so-long" write-up, if you are not so good or brave to share the Gospel (may God help you) tell people what God thinks of them.  He sees them as wonderfully and fearfully made (Psalm 139:14). He sees them as conquerors (Romans 8:38). He sees them as his beautiful workmanship(Ephesians 2:10). You know yourself that whatever you make with your hands, invent from your mind, plans and ideas you execute, are great, beautiful, wonderful in your eyes. Like every mother looks at her child and says they are beautiful. Be that mouthpiece of the Creator and compliment someone out three. Plant seeds of compliments and change lives. And hey as scripture says: "What you reap is what you sow." (Galatians 6:7) You will also get recognized and complimented for your looks and your works.

PS. For me compliments to others come naturally because in my daily prayer I ask God to teach me to see people the way that He sees them and never to judge them by the seeing of the natural eyes or hearing of the natural ear.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A MAN FIT TO MARRY OR NOT TO MARRY....How To Not Waste Your Time

Catchy and confusing title I know. If there are any critics reading this they are probably saying in their head: "Who died and made Faith a judge of the right man to be married to?" Or those who just read things as black and white as they see them would ask: "Is it not the man who marries the woman and not vice versa? LOL!" Calm down and get off your high horse and read this note further for clarity of the title.

I wanted to say "Well I did not write this for the critics, or Miss "KnowBetters" but then I am not here to sound sarcastic. I am here to do the work of God the best way I know how and hopefully letting Him be the one who speaks through my writing.

Most women hope to meet Mr. Right, a Mr. God-Fearing-Man who will love them enough to give them their last name and build a future together in a union blessed by God. I am writing this to advice or warn those hopeful wives-to-be on how to know the right man from the wrong or the Potential Priest from the Potential Mistake. Someone once responded on my Facebook post and asked: "How do you know so much about men?" Well it took only two men in my life before Christ to get the summary of how (wrong) men think or behave. These are relationships that lasted; one was six years and the other one, two years. And well after these failed relationships I went on a few dates with Potential Priests (which at that time I didn't know my worth I overlooked them) and Potential Mistakes. Ok well this article is not about my relationships but about your future. You are welcome to read further which I believe might help you in making the right decisions or stop here and continue wasting your time, airtime and petrol to meet up with the sweet talkers who might lead you to mistakes.

OK, my sister, being approached or asked out by a man does not require you to be a bombshell. Just being a woman will definitely attract suitors or chancers in your life because you have what they don't. Let me not go there. However, being a bombshell (all made up and looking like you are from some fake reality show looking almost like the Kardashians) will attract all kinds of men and a few ( seriously FEW) Potential Priestly husbands. I am not saying you must not look good but rather look at what your clothes are communicating.
(For those with lack of Christian jargon let me explain a Potential Priest or Priestly Husband: As according to God's word husbands are supposed to be the priests of their households {see Ephesians 5:22,23 and 1 Timothy 2:11-14}. So relax, I am not implying you should consider getting married to a priest or pastor.)
So in other words, going back to attracting men: I am saying that you will meet men who will be interested in knowing you for what ever reasons they have.

Since, you are continuing to read this I am going to address you as a woman who is hoping to get married sooner or later. Uhmm...there is no sin in having that desire. If you are in Christ and it is in your heart and it is not lustful, it is God-given (refer to Psalm 37:4).

The Potential Mistake 1

It does not matter where you meet him, whether it is church or someone hooked you up (eish there comes a time when you seem so invisible that friends hook you up. My aunt was hooked up with her priest and they are both pastors of their church 14 years still. So hook ups can work.). Chances are you already believe he is the Potential Priest. Then comes "The Talk" about marriage but in real it is about SEX. My sister, if you are the one to reveal or explain to him why sex out of marriage is sin: RUN!!!! This man needs to find Jesus who will teach him. Not you! If you decide to be the No-Sex-Before-Marriage counselor for a man who is not your sibling, you will slip, fall and find yourself panting in his nakedness and yours. Men are mentally and spiritually stronger and influential than women (see 1 Peter 3:7). A man can wait months dating you, saying the right things and even have the guts to pray with you just to eventually take off your garments one by one. Some even go as far as buying the ring. Do not even be fooled by the bling. Your treasure costs more than those stones on that gold or whatever it is. If he tells you anything that violates the word of God about sexual purity....I repeat: RUN!!!! This shows what occupies his mind most of the time.

It is not that we are all so holy as if sex never crosses our minds but if it makes part of your conversations with him as in "It's ok to do it before marriage." instead of "How can we maintain our purity together" as a mutual dialogue then sisters you are on the wrong train to nowhere. If you stay, and you slip and end doing it two possibilities will occur.
One: He will stick around provided you will continue to feed his physical needs. Sadly for us women, once a man has gotten a piece of us, we are totally hooked. That is how we were created. We become one flesh with them (Genesis 2:24, Mark 10:8 , 1 Corinthians 6:16) and sadly this totally clouds the woman's thinking. Since now this is not a blessed union (not a marriage) you will slowly detach from God. This is what is called Soul Ties. The man will stay as long as he pleases until he meets another concubine or a Potential Virtuous woman whom he will marry and leave you in a broken state.

Two: He will leave you. If he is supposingly a Christian (or wannabe Christian) he will make you feel like a harlot, Jezebel or Delilah. He will blame you for his "fall". Or if he is not that ruthless to that degree he will slowly fade out of your life either by: all of a sudden he is caught up in work or studies or family matters. Or he will start a sob story of how he is not good enough for you. You being concerned about your potential husband, will waste your airtime calling him to comfort him or send scriptures. You will even answer to altar calls for prayer requests asking for prayers for your potential marriage.
Hey! Sister! Wake up! He's gone! Pray for your own healing. Restore your relationship with God who will never leave you nor forsake you. God is a God of many chances (Psalm 37:23-24). Do not beat yourself down and think you are not worthy of God's forgiveness. If you don't pray and cleanse yourself of this misfortune and break the soul tie you will find yourself in a repitition of these kinds of relationships and wonder two to five years later why are you not married. (Advice: Order yourself this DVD "No More Sheets" by Juanita Bynum. I got mine at Cum Books. They can order it for you if they do not have it).

In some instances, pregnancy occurs however way people claim it happened (condom broke) and a child comes into existence of a relationship that was not even a month old but he does not marry you. Need I go further? Rather make your own conclusions. Ok maybe eventually he marries you with or without the baby. Mhhhh...How is that foundation for a lifetime marriage? How many veld fires to put out in future?

The Potential Mistake 2

He is in many ways like Potential Mistake 1. Where and how you meet him is just like 1. Most of the time the "where" and "how we meet" them gives us the idea "He could be the one." Adding to his list of what makes him "The one" is that he can quote scriptures, pray in tongues and unashamedly pray for your meal in a public restuarant/eating place, holding your hands.
Warning: He makes remarks about you looking sexy. How he likes the way your dress or pants shape your form. How your cleavage should be seen. Woman, we were created to be complimented (flesh of my flesh...) so some compliments can lead us to our fall. If they come from someone we allowed in our private space (I am not referring to nakedness or sex but relation) they sound appropriate and most even influential. These compliments end up shaping our shopping preferences. You unconsciously or maybe consciously start buying and wearing skin tight or skin-meant-to-be-covered-revealing garments. What makes it seem ok to you? The fact that he speaks but not touch you and the fact that he has never spoken about sex.

Woman, men are hunters. As much as they know how to trap their prey and catch it, they know how to entice and influence a woman to think herself into ending up where he wants her. The extra tight pants/skirts, the cleavage/thigh-revealing clothes end up creating a magnetic force for his hands and fingers. You on the other hand, having lost your reservations about your supposed-to-be-covered bits will feel like it is the same as him touching your hands until you end up too far. He might not go too far the first time. Men are more cleverer and sneakier than we think. They don't mind waiting for the right moment. For us women, sweetheart we can easily be weakened and blinded out of focus. The reason why Joseph ran out the moment Potiphar's wife grabbed his cloak he knew he will not withstand the touch of her hands on his skin. So woman be wise like Joseph and run from having a relationship with a man whose compliments to you are "Sexy", "You ooze of sex appeal", "hot", "Yummy Mummy".

The Potential Mistake 3

Mr. "I drink occassionaly" or "I drink wine as an appetizer": This man will use the excuse that Christ turned water to wine so it is not a sin to drink alcohol/ wine. You might not have met him at Newscafe or a club since you are a reformed church-goer so you probably met him after a powerful church service or at one of those single ministry events. He can either give you so much educated information about how beer or wine is fermented, give you all the names of wines from Chardonay, Cabernet Sauvignon to Merlot and when and how they are sipped. Sister! Hey! There is nothing wise or intelligent or romantic about that knowledge. A man who knows is his alcohol is an educated alcoholic. Even the one who drinks the same beer brand is just as bad. Do you know that alcohol kills brain cells but your educated drinking date will give you his googled research that only excessive drinking kills brain cells. But for you own sanity, let us hear what scripture says about alcohol:
Ephesians 5:18 "Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to reckless indiscretion. Instead, be filled with the Spirit." ( See also Proverbs 23:30-31, Ecclesiastes 10:16-17)
If he says he does not drink to get drunk or does not get drunk he might have reached his threshold of not getting drunk. You will only hear from the things he starts saying if you are not drunk yourself by his educated drunkeness. Well I do not understand why would you still be in his company on his second drink. Sister, daughter of God, excuse yourself off to the ladies room and not return. Do not be confused by the huge tip for the waiter. He tips as much as he is drunk probably.

Do you want me to give you the disadvantage of a man who still drinks alcohol? OK, firstly: Disclaimer: These statements are not meant to judge anyone trying to overcome drinking alcohol as we are all still being made and perfected by God for His glory. We are all overcomers of things that entangled us in life but people must first be free of their entanglements before they entangle others in their entangled mess."
Ok, I said alcohol kills brain cells. To put it better, it clouds one's judgement. If the word of God warns against drinking alcohol/wine/spirits it shows there are dangers in it. If a person can overlook God's warning about one or two scriptures what about the other scriptures like "Thou shall not fornicate." As much or possible it is for alcohol (excessive apparently) to lead to impotence (No sister grab your dictionary) or kill sperms, it does increase lustful physical desires. He could offer you a taste, a sip amd maybe a glass of wine. Girl!!!! Red wine or just alcohol can awaken the lower members that you constantly slay in prayer. How do you think people wake up finding themselves in bed with people they never intended to or end up in with, what they call "one night stands" (I know you know what that is. You were not born and raised on Mars)? How does alcohol always suffer the blame of: "I would not have done that if I was not drunk!" Like alcohol made them do it.

Ok, maybe he does not drink too much in your presence or even offer you what he is drinking or similar (another alcoholic drink) and he does not entice you to sleep with him but instead....(Yey! What you hoped hope for!) he marries you. Are you prepared to deal with the implications of his drinking? Are you prepared to wait late nights till morning waiting for him to return home and maybe come back only later the next day with stories like "I was too drunk or had more than the allowed amount to drive and slept at my friends." Are you okay with 30% or more of the budget going to liquor expenditure? And then what next? Manifestations of vocal and physical abuse? Why is it some alcoholic drinks are called spirits? If one drinks them do they not get possesed by these spirits? Think about this is if the Paul in the Bible says: "And do not get drunk with wine, for that is debauchery, but be filled with the Spirit," (Ephesians 5;18) do you not think alcohol(wine) would have the same but opposite effects as the Spirit? Remember again the scriptures about becoming "one flesh", how safe are you from not ending up being a sipping saint yourself? Look not to other relationships of one spouse drinking alcohol and the other not drinking even after years of marriage. You are not created with same strengths or same grace.


My advice: If you see a Potential Priest in this Sipping Saint, stay away from him until he is delivered from his sipping issues. Do not be his AA buddy. It is the same as converting a man yourself. It must be his own decision. I know of women who met their Potential Priests while they were still Sipping Saints and got transformed by the power of God. The journey was not easy and not short. And again your strengths and grace are not the same. A lot of Ghost-bursting had to take place. Unless you have over a year, two or five to wait while tripping and sliding and hoping he will still be there when you get up again.
PS. My father became an alcoholic some time after his marriage to my mom, became paraplegic after being hit by a car and became physically abusive to my mom and us until my mother divorced him. So this is another kind ofdisclaimer. So I am not judging anyone.

The Potential Mistake 3

This one is actually a Mr. Do-Not-Even-Date-Him. He has an idea there is God but has no connection whatsoever with Christ. Maybe he does go church that is just different from yours but when you start talking scriptures he calls you "Mamfundisi"( Pastor's wife). He might ask you why do you travel with a Bible or ask why do you have it on your phone? He will say you music collection (Gospel) is so boring. He criticizes Christians and calls them hypocrytes. Woman, if you are christian and someone criticizes your fellow Christian brothers and sisters that should scratch you the same way as anyone who criticizes your family member. If you can allow anyone to say all negative and nasty things about them you will just have become his victim. You will also start looking at Christians and Christianity with flesh eyes. You will start criticizing even your pastors. That, my sister is Assisted Spiritual Suicide. You will totally be disconnected from the Holy Spirit and what will then protect you from other sins? It is just the same as a man who is spiritually shorter, stunted or behind you where you are. All that he will do is pull you back spiritually. Rather as a woman, as a weaker vessel, you need a man who is spiritually mature than you. I won't quote the scripture again. Refer to the first mention of Potential Priest. I will not even say anything about a man who has connections or communications with the dead for the sake of people who think it is spiritually superior and sensitive balck consciousness. All I can say is "He who joins himself with...." so you choose who or what you become joint with.

The Potential Mistake 4

Mr. Selfmade-Millionnaire/Multimillionnare; He is all made up from head to toe with EXPENSIVE, drives EXPENSIVE, eats EXPENSIVE, tips EXPENSIVE and talks EXPENSIVE. No, no, no there is nothing wrong or sinful about EXPENSIVE or a wealthy man. There are many Wealthy Men who are truly and deeply rooted in Christ. The difference here is the "heart". Where is his heart? You can hear it in his conversations and his behaviour towards people. This man does not mind flying you out of your city to dine you in another city first class and back without even advancing to sleep with you or even attempt to kiss you. He will make you feel like a princess. He will take you sight-seeing. He does not even mind to pay for a vacation or spa day for you and your girlfriends. What makes him happy is knowing where you are. He will even freely give you his platinum card to go shopping (so he would know where you are). Which woman would say that's not the life I want? He is always out of the country or if he is not that wealthy but has money his always in business meetings or on business trips. When he speaks to you he speaks to you on speaker for his friends to hear you. He can even offer to throw you a Beach Birthday party because he can afford it. He will maybe even let you drive his sports cars. I am talking about a man who has not taken you to his bed. He sounds promising neh? The weird thing about this relationship is that he does not know much about you. He does not know what you like, what are your aspirations and the fact that you are still alive because of Christ in your life. You are not even able to open the Bible let alone quote a scripture when you are with him because he is intemidating in a way you cannot expalin. Girl, he is not interested in you. You start assuming that he is probably interested in knowing you in the future.

Ok, girl, are you assuming the Potential of a husband in a man is because he is not interested in sleeping with you? Are you assuming the fact that he spends so much money on you is because he is building a future with you? Whether he said it (he mentioned marriage but not marrying you) or has not said it should not cause you to waste your time with a collector if what you are hoping for is a man who will marry you. Why do I call him a collector? How many shoes, how many cars, how many houses, how many, just how many things does he have? The fact that he does not sleep with you is because he is very careful with  his seed. Condoms are not that effective. Or he is careful with his reputation. Women now unashamedly publish stories of their sexapades (moments of foolisness) with wealthy men or polititicians. This man just likes you as much as he likes his car, or shoe or watch. You are just another collector's item in his life. He likes how you look: "Beautiful". You make him look good. It is either your physical beauty or your anointing (just like the effect of Joseph's anointing in Potiphar's life).

Woman tell me, do you even know who or what he worships? Do you know who or what is he in partnership with spiritually? Are you still dumbfounded by the perfume you cannot even spell or the taste of the foreign dish you ate? What are your values? What are you looking for in a marriage? Companionship and fellowship or a cold huge mansion that makes you feel like a priced posssession in a museum? Has he ever even told you how and where he started to being this financial giant? Or does he tell you a sob story of his poor upbringing that he HIMSELF got himself to where he is now? When you try to tell him your dreams does he make you feel the way Joseph's brothers made him feel when he told them about his dream? Collectors do not mind keeping some possessions for years but because we are human we age and to a collector your value depriciates, he will just loose interest which he never had in you.
Someone might say I am jealous as I am not in that relationship. No dear, once upon a time I dated a multimillionnaire. It took a month or more and just things he would say that made me make a decision that is not what I hope for. I am a romantic and love spending time with a man who loves me and speaks into my life. Not a man who will give me thousands of rands to spend and tell me it is more than what I get paid. I was not comfortable in my own skin around him. It was weird how he was received by others like he was a god wherever he was, and yes he criticized my aspirations so I became unavailable for him. And yes collectors will never run after you if you leave them. You become like that not-so-much-of-a-loss-investment as he has many other investments. 

So woman, what is it worth for a man to gain the whole world but loose his soul (See Matthew 16;26)? Do you want such a cold relationship? You might loose your godly connection and loose your soul because you do not even know the source of this man's wealth.
Ok, I think I have said a lot about Potential Mistakes. These are not all of them. There is Mr-Put-The-Girl-Down, Mr. I-Want-A-Baby-Before-Marriage and many others you have probably met already. We all have our past, we all have been redeemed or detangled from what used to keep us from knowing God or be effective for Him. However He had to work on us first before we could be the downfall for others. I must now tell you about the Potential Priest but seeing that the Mistakes took me so long to write about and probably took you long to read aboutI will save that for the part 2  of "A Man Fit To Marry or Not To Marry".